Startup Resources Toolkit

Over my time working in and with startups, I've used countless tools and resources to build new ventures. I'll like to share with you my one-stop startup resources toolkit - a curated library for entrepreneurs and founders.

"You don't know what you don't know."

Entrepreneurial thinking toolkit

Design thinking


  • The Startup Owner's Manual, Steve Blank - considered the startup bible, most often known for customer discovery model.
  • Jobs to be done, Clayton Christensen (summary) - thinking past continuous improvement to customer satisfaction. Really helpful when approaching a Value Proposition Canvas.
  • Start with the why, Simon Sinek - articulate the 'why' over the 'what' and 'how' to share and attract customers.
  • Helix Personas, Roy Morgan - deep psychographic insights

Lean methodology

Online courses

Frameworks and toolkits

Legals / Governance resources (AU)

Disclaimer: whilst I'm a fan of keeping costs down (as you may see below), please consult with an experienced professional advisor. Reach out if you would like recommendations.



  • Allens Accelerate¬†- 15 free core legal documents for companies (but different to the core set-up documents).
  • AIC Open Source Seed Financing documents¬†(formally AVCAL)¬†- a well-informed starting point for Australian seed capital raising.
  • ESOP templates¬†(by AirTree & K&L Gates) - a guide and templates to employee option plans by a VC and startup lawyer.
  • ATO ESOP templates¬†- government issued standard suite of documents (yes, which are different to what a lawyer would provide).
  • Constitution for Equity CSF¬†- open source constitution by PledgeMe and McCullough Robertson. With equity crowdsourced fundraising it may not be appropriate to have a shareholders agreement, this integrates it in.

Splitting the pie (co-founders, vesting, employee shares)

  • Dynamic equity split¬†- an approach to fairly diving up ownership in early stages.
  • Vesting¬†- shareholder protection for early departures.

Intellectual property

AU tax incentives

Set-up / get-up

  • Namechck¬†- a tool to quickly check availability of domain names and social handles.
  • Namecheap¬†- my recommended domain registry, there are many out there.
  • Squarespace¬†- my preferred simple website builder; particularly worth it if you're eligible for their 50% off education discount.
  • Google Workspace¬†- utilising Gmail as email host for your own domain and manage G Suite apps for growing teams. Contact me for promotion code of 10% off the first year.

Startup programs

  • AWS Activate¬†- access to AWS infrastructure with credits, support, and training. Also supported by an amazing AWS Startups team globally. Activate Founders package includes USD$1,000 over 2 years.
  • AirWallex¬†- a better business account for scaling startups. Referral link for $0 fees and 0% margin on first $20,000 in FX conversions.
  • HubSpot for Startups¬†- if you're considering HubSpot, they offer startup concessions on a sliding scale.
  • SendGrid Accelerate¬†- an email service with scalability and deliverability front of mind.
  • Startups with IBM¬†- $1,000 for 12 months credit.
  • Segment for Startups¬†- $25,000 over 2 years.


  • Brand archetypes¬†- 12 brand personification groups to resonate with your audience.

Growth marketing


Competitor analysis

Website assessment



Email tools

  • Drip¬†/¬†Mailshake¬†- automated email sequences
  • Mixmax¬†- turns your Gmail into an absolute beast.

Marketing automation

  • Autopilot¬†- visual customer journey builder.

Content marketing





Capital raising for startups


Strategy / experiences

Raising from Angels

Term Sheets / pro-formas


Due diligence

Convertible notes

Capitalisation tables


Shareholder communications



Pitch Deck Templates

Pitch Deck Examples




  • Pitcherific¬†- site to help you build your pitches
  • Pitchplanner¬†- A canvas tool that helps create a pitch
  • Pixar's Story In a Box¬†- an exploration of the storytelling process that will help founder's deliver their story

Finance / Accounting


  • Wave¬†- free accounting software with paid plug-ins.

Unit economics

Market sizing

Tax incentives / grants

Strategy - marketplaces






Advisory Committees


Under development.




Startup Directories